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Leon Kalin
President of the Organization and Competition Committee of the IHF

Organization of the World Handball Championship in Croatia has set new standards in handball on a global level. One of the major issues besides sports facilities are accommodation and transport. The Croatian Handball Association chose a first-rate partner, BAN TOURS, who provided professional service and meet requirements of all participants (sports teams, media people, representatives of the IHF and organized groups of spectators).

Kirsten Wille

SPORTMEDIA AS cooperated with BAN tours in connection with the WC in Handball for men 16.01 – 01.02.2009 in Croatia. In total we brought approx 300 persons during this period in 3 different cities (Porec, Zadar, Zagreb) with a big varieties of elements and activities. BAN tours helped us through this huge project with a fantastic service and provided us with an extremely well prepared organization and assistance during the whole period to our great satisfaction! We can fully recommend the services of BAN tours as an incoming agent in Croatia!

Andreas Schmitz

Dear Ban tours Team, Now I did my last receipts and invoices which I found somewhere in different pockets. Everything is done and a big, one of the nicest projects is over. I got so many compliments from our clients, even the company/incentive clients wrote e-mails and I got an appointment in Berlin to meet the Federation of the German Sparkasse to plan future events. That is a big success for us. For us ? That is not true, it is a big success for you guys, because you made everything possible. It was the project (except Germany 2007) what made me most satisfied in the last 6,8 years. That is the time I am working for Vietentours. The service was flexible, correct and very friendly. Even short term decisions of my crazy or my clients mind was no problem for you at all. The invoicing was clear and correct and if there was a little misunderstanding or mistake, then you said sorry and it was immediately corrected. You did a great job and I am very happy to know your company. The only thing what we did better in the World Cup was that Germany got the title...:-) Even wearing a Croatian shirt during the final didn’t help. Next time you will have success, but it is a pity that it won’t be in Croatia. Thanks for all what you did and I am really looking forward to our future of cooperation. Take care and hope to see you sometime.

Damir Poljak
Senior secretary of the Croatian Handball Association

BAN TOURS took care of accommodation, organized city tours, outings and social events and lived up to the high-end expectations of the IHF and HRS, thus contributing to the success of such an important event as the World Handball Championship 2009 for men. Their budget planning and immaculate performance of all services in questions have persuaded us that Ban tours is the No.1 partner in organization of sports events both at home and abroad.

Damir Vrbanović
Managing Director of the FC DINAMO

We could sum up the co-operation between the FC DINAMO and BAN TOURS in the following way: “Our task is to give our audiences a perfect performance and BAN TOURS will take care of the rest and do it perfectly.” And it is with greatest pleasure that we acknowledge the excellent cooperation in the last few years and are confident that our business relationship with BAN TOURS will continue to yield first-rate results.